My Brain is Fried. Thank You August 3rd.

I know I said I was going to post those beers reviews and I will.  I’ll get to them.  Right now I’ve got something more pertinent to talk about.  I’m a HUGE fan of viral marketing.  I had an unhealthy obsession with the whole Cloverfield viral marketing and the “Slusho” theme song never left my head.  WELL, the other day I was scouring the internetz looking for something new and exciting and I came across this:

Go ahead and click on that.  And then say goodbye to your life until August 3rd, 2011 because this will be your new crack.  The first thing you’ll notice is a rather creepy picture of a little girl as well as a rather creepy soundtrack.  The sounds you are hearing are part of what’s called a “Number Station”.  There’s a shit ton of these things and rumor is they are used by various countries to communicate with their spies over short wave radio.  Now, go ahead and inspect the picture a bit closer and you’ll see that the left half of her face is photoshopped and is actually a whole other face.

This girls face will haunt your dreams.

According to a member of the group that runs the site, who goes by the handle -•-175,000, the right half of the girl represents her at age 6 and the other half as an adult woman.   This girl is named Belle, she’s still alive (she’s currently 83) and is apparently the “symbol” of this whole thing.

Now, the members of the group have numerical code names.  They are:

~18,000 – The leader.  The one and only tier 1.  Whatever the hell that means.

••21,000 –  Not much is known about this member other than he/she is at tier 2.

–36,000 – This is a woman. She is currently at tier 2 level. Oldest member of the group.

-68,000 – Encodes messages into the secret language that the group created, which vaguely resembles runes. It is not human and may be named Sam.  Or not.  It depends.  Figure it out.

-•-175,000 – The PR Man.  The guy who responds to questions.  Mysterious as fuck.

You’ll also notice some handy links (with their own creepy numbers station soundtracks) that aren’t actually handy at all and further work to gangbang your brain.   One link in particular titled “Ask Anonymously” brings you to a Formspring page where -•-175,000 answers the masses (sometimes extremely fucking stupid) questions about this whole box of mindfuck fun with extremely detailed answers such as yes, no, maybe, and I can’t give too much away yet.  Mr. 175k did indicate all the clues are already there to figure it out, people are just not putting the pieces together effectively.  There are people who have already figured it out and those people have been recruited for the the cause and those people can also kiss my ass.  You can actually apply to join them via the “Get Involved” link, but you have to catch them at the right time as the application process opens and closes randomly.

The Sightings page has pictures from all over the world where Belle’s face has been plastered on telephone poles, power boxes, bulletin boards, the sides of buildings, etc.   On the Formspring forum, One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand was asked if the pictures are the “key” to this whole thing.  He indicated that the pictures weren’t important in any respect because “no key was necessary”.  However, he was recent asked if the new pictures were important at all and his answer: “They are key”.  So apparently they are important now.  They weren’t at first, but now they are.

Speaking of pictures these were “leaked”:

Wha... What the hell?? I dont even know...

Ok. We've got a crash test dummy saying something with some land mines buried in the ground and the Triforce in the lower right corner and.... ah fuck it. I give up., a forum where I frequently lurk, has a 100+ page thread covering this and the theories are all over the place.   And it’s spreading like a wild fire on there.  Seriously, go to the VEEEERY last page of the thread.  Walk away and come back in 5 minutes.  There will be 3 more pages.  That quickly.  If you don’t want to read through all 1oo some odd plus pages of the thread (you should because it’s crazy addictive), a member by the name of Forevever took the time to post a nice detailed run down of everything that is known or been guessed at so far, as well as the four most popular theories .  Popular ARG forum also has a thread dedicated to the cause with just over 75+ pages.  Part of the fun is sitting there and seeing how people gather and interpret information from practically nothing and work together toward a common cause.   And this is actually one of the theories about 8•3•11: it’s some sort of big Sociology experiment about “working together with your fellow man”, looking inside yourself to see what you are capable of, and basically learning YOU.  Very 2011-dirty-hippy-movement type stuff.

I have to say that personally, I REALLY hope that’s not what this whole thing comes down to.  If you want to look inside yourself and find out what you’re about, you go survive in the woods for a week or do some tai chi or at the very least do some deep meditation or something.  The only thing I learn about myself with these things is I develop an unhealthy addiction to them and I’ll probably learn at what age I develop a hunch back later on in life from being hunched over in front of the computer for hours on end.

On the flip side of that coin, it IS very exciting because no one but the people behind this KNOW what’s going to happen on August 3rd, 2011 and the whole process behind clue gathering and trying to figure out what’s going on is good fun.  The anticipation of what will go down on August 3rd is good fun (according to them it’s not violent, no one will get hurt, they will not gain any money from it, they aren’t endorsing any movie, video game, music, or anything like that).  I enjoy using my brain.  I enjoy learning new things doing hours of research online.  If anything, I’m getting a fantastic sense of nostalgia (the Cloverfield ARG) as well as some mental exercise, which can’t hurt.  I definitely look forward to more of these types of things in the future.

NOW for my theory:

I think the pictures with the dummy (puppet) and the rocks represents something figuratively.  Notice the “puppet” is in the middle. On either side there is rocks. Attached to those rocks is a string that goes through an underground pipe to the dummy. If one side picks up a rock, the dummy will be pulled and fall down in that direction (swayed to one side) and the stone will sail over to the other side. Think about it… one side (a specific COUNTRY)casting stones (stones have been called MISSILES in the past), the puppet (being the United States) and the other side literally being another country with their “missiles”. The whole biblical references “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. On the formspring thread he was asked what country will this take place in? His answer was YOUR COUNTRY. Which means ANY country.  I think it’s something involving a world war.  Or something. And Belle being the “symbol” for this whole thing and her supposed illness or skin disorder may indicate she was injured in her facial features in some sort of war or battle.  Thus, she is the symbol of the movement so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.  I don’t know.  Either way, my brain is definitely fried.

Everyone should… no… everyone NEEDS to take note: If you want to get your cause, your ideas, your beliefs out there, this is the way to do it.


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