“Hillstranded” Left Crypto Fans Stranded…

I’m going to start off by saying, I was completely disappointed by the episode of “Hillstranded” on the Discovery Channel.  Sure, it was fun to watch the Hillstrand brothers do their thing and kind of have free reign on their own show.  Those guys are definitely entertaining and in that aspect but I can get that sort of entertainment from any number of other shows on TV.   But I, just like anyone else with an interest in Cryptozoology, was watching to see the video that was ever so hyped over the last few months.  I tuned in to see something previously unknown to friggin’ science;  in particular the video shot by a Washington state fishing boat captain in 2009 showing around 15 or so dark colored creatures with serrated backs being chased by a pod of beluga whales.  Creatures resembling Cadborosaurus Willsi, or Caddy for short.  The video that was hyped on Cryptomundo over the last few months.  I was really hoping to see the part where the creature pokes it’s “camel” looking head up from the water to look in the direction of the camera, a head that resembled the head on the caddy carcass found in the stomach of a whale in October 1937.  It was not to be, however.  Instead, we were shown a video much like pretty much ever other video of a crytpid out there on the web;  very inconclusive, very vague, and with no definitive, conclusive idea as to what the hell we were looking at.  Fuck you very much Discovery Channel.  It was like an entertaining episode of Monster Hunter.  Instead of showing what sounded like one of the best videos of a cryptid ever shot, we get what was basically an hour of the Hillstrand brothers, who we can see on “The Deadliest Catch” anyway.

This clears EVERYTHING up.

I’m going to go ahead and throw my own theory out there based on what we DID see:  I think cadborosaurus is a new species of whale.  If you look at the parts of the video that they did show (which was basically nothing), you definitely see some very whale like blowhole action, it’s movement was up and down like an whale or dolphin rather than side to side like a fish, it seemed to have a very pinniped or cetacean like tail, all indicators of an aquatic mammal.

If you can tell me what this is based on this picture, you, sir, are a Goddamn magician.

Another factor to take into account is the humps that are reported with Cadborosaur sightings.  These COULD very well be dorsal humps.  The beluga whale has a very prominent dorsal hump, as do right whales.  Another characteristic of a cetacean like animal.  It wouldn’t surprise me if caddy was a new species of whale.  As a matter of fact, there have been a few species of whale that were only recently discovered, including 3 distinct species of Bryde’s whale.   Bryde’s whales have a very elongated shape, much like the description of cadborosaurus.  Caddy also seems to be predatory and carnivorous, much like many of the whale species in the Arctic including orca, beluga, harbor porpoises, and the narwhal.

The defining characteristic of caddy, however, seems to be it’s face.  It’s supposed to look like a camel or a horse.  Now, there isn’t a whale or pinniped on Earth that has a face that looks anything like what the caddy’s face is reported to look like.  But adaptation can produce some dramatic results.  Take the hippopotamus. Yes, the hippo-emeffing-potamus, whose name in Greek means “water horse”.  They are the closest living relatives to whales today and by looking at them you would never know.  And the narwhal, with it’s long helical tusk protruding from it’s face (in rare cases some have two).  CRAZY evolution.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Caddy developed a long camel like face for snapping up fish and other prey.

There was a point toward the end of the special where Johnathan Hillstrand seemed to have something on the end of his line.  According to Andy Hillstrand “We saw a big, long white thing moving in the water. We chased it for about 20 minutes.  Spray came out of its head,” he continued. “It was definitely not a shark. A giant eel may be possible, but eels don’t have humps that all move in unison. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”  The Hillstrands, like pretty much every other fisherman who has reported seeing caddy over the years, including some Native Inuits, are experienced fishermen who know the local marine life very well.   I don’t think this is a case of wrongful identification.

There  is rumor that the Hillstrands are going to take another crack at catching Caddy.  In all honesty, I would rather Discovery just show the whole damn video FIRST, so we could see what all the hype was about, THEN have the brothers Hillstrand go for round 2.


2 Comments on ““Hillstranded” Left Crypto Fans Stranded…”

  1. Tammy M says:

    Look, I don’t know if anybody will see this or not but, I figured I’d try. Shortly after the Hillstranded Episode aired I saw on another channel that there is only ONE White or Albino Killer Whale in the world and it lives in the Bearing Sea. I like watching Deadliest Catch and normally like the Hillstrands but, they are totally boneheaded here. Sorry But, the information is out there! It’s not a Lochness or some “unknown” sea monster. Leave the damn thing alone!!!

    • SeanMKearns says:

      There’s two sides to this: 1. The good – In the interest of science, discovering a new species, namely one that is potentially a crypto species, would be awesome. It would be like finding the Lochness monster. 2. The bad – Usually, when man investigates something in the interest of science, and when we find it, we have a tendency to destroy it. It would probably end up being hunted, or if it was classified as endangered or protected, poached. It’s tricky.

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